Mario Čaušić - visual artist

I was born in 1972 in Osijek, Croatia. I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2001

Currently i live and work in Osijek as assistant professor at the Academy of Arts in Osijek. I have taken part in numerous solo and group exhibitions.

In my own artistic work i am dedicated to exeprimental exploration of space and its manifestations as well as broadening the boudaries of the medium.

If You are intrested in purchase of my works or organising an exibition, feel free to contact me on the following e-mail:

petak, 18. listopada 2019.


„Miniatures“ is an installation consisting of a series of graphic prints – miniatures displayed together with a magnifying glass attached with the purpose to incite interaction with spectators. The prints are engraved in drypoint and depict explosions of unknown and insignificant origin. This work is questioning the relationship between image and observer by transforming forceful and omnipresent media images into miniatures aiming at provoking 'the passive and media-bombed eye' of the spectator. In order to achieve its purpose this work interactively involves the spectators: the magnifying-glass engages us to get closer to the work, face the prints at close range and pause to consider their implications in  an intimate ritual of observation. On the one hand this installation semantically comments on information redundancy, and on the other hand emotional levity and indifference to such occurences in the world  in which, due to vastness of spectacles, people don't perceive sufferings and devastation. Therefore, despite the format, these miniature explosions of  high aesthetic value are very powerful and embody subtle social criticism.


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