Mario Čaušić - visual artist

I was born in 1972 in Osijek, Croatia. I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2001

Currently i live and work in Osijek as assistant professor at the Academy of Arts in Osijek. I have taken part in numerous solo and group exhibitions.

In my own artistic work i am dedicated to exeprimental exploration of space and its manifestations as well as broadening the boudaries of the medium.

If You are intrested in purchase of my works or organising an exibition, feel free to contact me on the following e-mail:

ponedjeljak, 21. listopada 2019.


The work entitled Side effects is a multimedia work composed of two interconnected works created in two phases and devised for two independant gallery displays. It includes a drypoint print and a video of the work creation process at a gallery preceeding the printing process in the artist's studio.  The original part of the work was a gallery installation consisting of a metal plate 100×100cm placed on the gallery floor and the patent  composed of a heavy lath with a drypoint needle at its top attached to a chain hanging from the ceiling. It was conceptually envisaged as a multi-layered and interactive art patent being a hands-on installation which was to incite the visitors become active participants and involve in the creation of the work by moving the pendulum arbitrarily and randomly thereby scratching lines into the metal plate. This proces was partially filmed and transformed into a video. Subsequently, the outcome of the gallery hands-on-by-spectators process was made visible by traditional drypoint print on paper excluding any kind of artist's intervention on the plate. The underlying idea was to display the video and the print one by one on the occasion of a future exhibition representing  an upgrade of the first display as well as a memorandum of the pased time and its side effects.




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